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A Clan forming a shield wall.

This is the Clans Guide, for a list of ingame clans check CraftCitizen Clans


Clans are a way to create factions/guilds/nations in CraftCitizen. Clans let you fight together for ConquerPoints, provide a Clan Chat, show you friends and foes and let you recruit soldiers to fight for you.

Ranks Every Rank can also do the same other lower ranks can.

  • Leader- Can Rename the clan and disband it.
  • Co-Leader- Can manage alliances, rivals, set the description, banner, color, tag and set rank names.
  • Officer- Can invite new recruits, kick members and set ranks (of members and recruits).
  • Member- Can read and write in alliance chats
  • Recruit-


Alliances are created by a clan, after creating they may invite more clans. Allied clans are tagged as friends unless rivaled. Alliances can be used to communicate in secret with a select number of clans.

Faction Mobs

Faction Mobs are soldiers that can be recruited and commanded to do your bidding, although dumb they can be usefull sometimes. Available Faction mobs are:

  • Swordsman- 50$ Tank
  • Archer- 50$ Ranged damage
  • Mage- 75$ Potions
  • Titan- 300$ Tank Golem
  • Spiritbear- 100$ Damage

Important Information

  • Clan Chat- Clan chats can be used with /c text
  • Alliance Chat- Alliance chats can be used with /a Alliancename text
  • Conquering- a ConquerPoint marks it for your clan, not yourself.
  • Color- Clans may pick a color with /clan color x
  • Combattag- is disabled between clanmembers
  • Invisible- You may see name tags of invisible people in your clan, or who you are allied to


  • /clan- Lists all clan commands
  • /clan create Name Tag Color- Create a clan.
  • /clan invite name- Invite a player to your clan.
  • /clan find name- Lists a players clan info.
  • /clan alliance create- Creates an alliance
  • /clan ranking- Lists clans based on their power.

Commands Faction Mobs

  • /fm spawn x- Spawn a faction mob
  • /fm command follow- Your mob(s) will follow you.
  • /fm command stop- Your mob(s) will hold their position.
  • /fm command gohome- Your mob(s) will return to their home.
  • /fm command sethome- Your mob(s) home is set to your current position.