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darkfence the master merchant
darkfence in his pride
Date Joined: April 18 2020
Clan: Miners'n'Merchants (Co-Leader)
Rank: Aristocrat

About darkfence

darkfence was one of the first in the early days of Minecraft(2010)and played under the name darkdesert. After awhile he discovered everything and left the world of Minecraft. After great abstinence he returned when a pandemie hits the world, to discover the new changes Minecraft would have for him.

He joined the world of Craftcitizen with big hopes and big fears. He learned fast how the new redstone mechanics and physics work, so he was able to build some high efficiency farms in no time.

Most of the time he's a merchant and engineer but some people call him also a hitman, a assassin... he was involved in several big server events and raids. He is known for his fast pace fighting skill and his ambush tactics.

He's a proud Co-Leader of MnM and protect and serve as good as he can


Clan History

Additional Notes

  • He was the owner and designer of the famous shop for rare goods the flying Betty aka the ShipShop. Now he sells his goods at Dark's warehouse