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Dungeons are usually released in Expansions the first expansion Bloodmoon Rituals featured the With and Alchemist. The second expansion Wrath of the old gods featured Eitri the norse king and Balorgh.


Name Coords Boss Required Rank Difficulty Expansion
The Blair Witch Valgard Portal Entry at: -515, 81, -616 Witch.png Hireling Endgame 1-2 Players Bloodmoonsmall.png
The Alchemist Valgard Portal Entry at: -511, 81, -622 Alchemist.png Hireling Endgame 2+ Players Bloodmoonsmall.png
Eitri Norse King Valgard Portal Entry at: -557, 81, -586 Eitri.png Citizen God Tier 2+ Veterans Wrathoftheoldgodssmall.png
Balorgh Beast Master Valgard Portal Entry at: -557, 81, -586 Balorgh.png Citizen God Tier 3+ Veterans Wrathoftheoldgodssmall.png

Important Information

  • Keep Inventory- is on in dungeons, however Aether will be dropped!