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About Pfailan

Pfailan is the only child of a ruthless Swedish Viking and his lovely chicken wife. As the son of a notorious Viking, Pfailan was raised to be gruesome and fearless. His father treated him like a warrior, without factoring in the young age and the chicken genes of his son. At some point Pfailan had too many responsibilities and, with his seventh birthday approaching, he decided to chicken out and run away.

After months of walking, freezing and almost starving to death, he finally found a good spot to settle down. He stayed in his basic cobble fortress for several weeks until he finally started exploring his surroundings. On his journeys he learned that there was a town by the name of “Valgard” not too far away and started visiting it regularly. It was difficult for him to socialize at first since everyone was scared by his looks and it was only when he started crying in the middle of the marketplace that everyone knew he had a soft core.

He soon began to make friends and created his first clan, “TDC”. His father’s warrior genes took over and, since his clan was too small to make an impact, he decided to leave TDC and join “Atlantis”, a well-known water-based clan with lovely members and awesome management. Exhausted from his long journey, Pfailan is happy to finally have found his new beginning as a Chicken Viking.