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About ItsmeRen

     ItsmeRen, or “Ren” to most, found himself in the Craft Citizen realm on December 8, 2019. Surrounded by old friends such as BassQueen808, PrncessMinealot, Dagersh, and others, Ren traveled southeast. At long last, he settled in the dry wastelands he now calls home. Making new acquaintances with many others stranded in this strange realm, Ren is known for many things. Some are; being an excellent man of business, a happy and forgiving person, and a trustworthy ally in general. Often he finds humor in times of desperate need, and he claims his goal is to bring a smile to everyone’s face, despite the circumstance. Being an expert tracker, it’s no surprise he is known for finding his friends, particularly Elo106, despite being in seemingly unreachable locations more often than not. Ren continues to innovate and provide creative outlooks to the Craft Citizen server. Even when the box is made of steel, Ren finds a way to think outside of it.