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Date Joined:
GOV: Gods of Valgard (Leader)

About Kiro033

Kiro033 is a motivated player willing to fight anyone standing in it's path. His glowing eyes are from herobrine. Some say he is the son of herobrine... He also loves fighting bosses for boss heads and rare items to put in his item collection. But sometimes his herobrine genes take over and he becomes a ruthless killer without a single regret.

Kiro033's Story

It was a bright day and kiro033 joined the CraftCitizen server at 19th july 2020. He loved playing the game and killed his first boss after the beginners dungeon, Captain roberts. It was a tough fight as all he had was a basic sword and chainmail armor. After a lot of fighting and getting hit he finally managed to kill the boss. When kiro033 got his god gear he tried to solo the ancient one and failed multiple times. A lot of gold was wasted in the fight, but now we know you can't solo the boss. He loves to fight at the major capturepoints to kill others and gather fragments.

Clan History

Kiro033's first clan was ValgardianPrivateers. He was invited to that clan as new player and got kicked out. Then tried to join MnM but that was no success. After being denied Pfailan offered him to join atlantis and he joined atlantis. After 1-2 weeks atlantis got disbanded and split up in smaller clans. Kiro033 made his own clan Gods Of Valgard and allied up with miata and MnM. Now he is known as the leader of GOV, 10th place in the clan rankings.