Mad Tinkerer

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The Mad Tinkerer
The Tinkerer in his shop

About The Mad Tinkerer

The Mad Tinkerer is a NPC located in Valgard who sells all types of machinery and devices. You can also battle him as a multiplayer arena boss in The Mob Arena.

His Devices

  • Stone Crusher - A device that extracts minerals out of stone, cobblestone and gravel and also generates aether fragments out of ore blocks.
  • MobDespawner - A machine that prevents any mobs from spawning within a range of 5x5 chunks.
  • Replicator - A device that let's you automatically craft a certain item by putting the required materials in the top chest.
  • Taucherglocke - An apparatus that allows you to breathe underwater for a long time, like a diving helmet.
  • Transportable Transmutation Station - A device that allows you to transmute your petty aether fragments at home.
  • Trophy Depositor - A device that allows you to submit your trophies to increase your personal score.
  • Jukebox - A device that allows you to make and play custom music.