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Player Blueprints

A player blueprint is a very powerful tool that allows a player to copy any building of their choice for a money price, as well as the player must provide all the materials made in that player blueprint. To make one, a player must select a region, save the blueprint, then buy the blueprint, then provide the materials in barrels or shulker boxes when placing the blueprint, and then it is done!

Important Information

  • Creating a player blueprint:
  1. Do /blueprint create, left and right click two blocks to set a region.
  2. After, do /blueprint complete [name]. If you are a donator, the [name] can be made with color using color codes (e.g.: &a, &e, &4).
  3. To buy the blueprint, do /blueprint list and look for your blueprint. Left click to buy it. You can also see the materials needed and remove the blueprint in this GUI. Note: Prices are based on the amount of materials divided by 2. If there are 200 blocks being used, the blueprint will cost $100
  4. In order to place the blueprint, you must have a "link" created. A link contains any amount of shulker boxes/barrels containing the necessary materials for your blueprint.
  5. To create a link, /blueprint link create
  6. To add a barrel/shulker box to a link, /blueprint link add
  7. To remove a barrel/shulker box to a link, /blueprint link remove
  8. To cancel the linking session, either log out or /blueprint link removeLink
  9. Put all the needed materials in your linked inventories. Then, you can place the blueprint. The materials will be drawn out of the link. You are done!


  • /blueprint create - Creates a blueprint creation session
  • /blueprint cancel - Stops the blueprint creation session
  • /blueprint complete [name] - Completes the blueprint creation session and saves the blueprint with given name
  • /blueprint link create - Creates a blueprint link
  • /blueprint link add - Adds a barrel/shulker box to the link
  • /blueprint link remove - Removes a barrel/shulker box from the link
  • /blueprint link removeLink - Cancels a link session
  • /blueprint list - Lists all the blueprints you own